Master Guitarist Dona Reyes
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Master Guitarist Dona Reyes performs flamenco, classical and contemporary guitar works. She has studied in Europe and the US under masters Mario Escudero, Mariano Cordoba, Pedro Bacon and David Serva. Recuerdos de la Alhambra performed by Dona Reyes and Ballard Focused intently on her guitar, master guitarist Dona Reyes entertains a dinner crowd at a popular restaurant in Los Altos, California. It's the perfect setting for Dona. To her, the purpose of playing music is to bring pleasure to people. "I like people to be totally relaxed when they listen to me," she says.

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Dona believes that her temperament is what attracted her to the guitar in the first place. Even as a child, there was something that drew her to the instrument, but her parents made her learn to play piano first. Finally, when she was nine, her father bought her a Stella guitar for $12.50, and she never touched the piano again. Her whole existence became focused solely on perfecting her art. "I traveled wherever I had to go to study with the teachers I wanted to learn from," she says.

At age 15 she spent the summer in Spain, where she met flamenco guitar greats Pedro Bacan and David Serva. After high school her European trips to study with those masters became more frequent. When in the United States she studied with Mariano Cordoba and Mario Escudero. Dona says her goals are clear. "I was born to play the guitar and nothing else interests me." - Excerpts reproduced from an article in Frets Magazine by Marilyn Kochman

Her flamenco-influenced guitar style is a fluid combination of the ethereal and the natural. From romance to rhumba, from classical to contemporary, Ms. Reyes blends many styles to carry you on a journey of sweet music and exquisite performance. She plays delicately yet powerfully, to captivate you and provide a subtly elegant backdrop to your dining experience. - Amy MacLennan

In 1982 Dona co-founded the Flamenco Society of San Jose with the late Anita Sheer. The society started out with monthly juergas (jam sessions) with other local artists at various restaurants and hotels in the South Bay, and eventually grew into the reknowned non-profit organization it is today.

Dona's guitar is a Flamenco Negra built by Lester DeVoe, famous among luthiers. It has a richness of tone perfect for classical pieces, and a penetrating clarity ideal for flamenco numbers.

Dona is available for private receptions, recitals, weddings and parties.

You can emailher at: or leave a voice mail at 408-221-6342

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